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How to FTP

1. Start Internet Explorer ver. 5 or above.
2. Type in ftp://anandsoft.com at the browser address bar as shown below.

how to ftp 1

3. Click File -> Login As; See figure below.

how to ftp 2

4. Enter your login name and password, example shown for login "test" , and password "test"

how to ftp 3

5. You should now be taken to the home folder at test@anandsoft as shown below.

how to ftp 4


6. How to upload files: Browse through to the local folder or file using Windows Explorer (shown in top-window). Drag and drop the intended files (shown below, filename: test-file) to the desired folder in the FTP site window (shown in bottom window). Note that you need to have write permission to upload files.

how to ftp 5


7. To close the the FTP session, simply close the browser window.